Why choose Simply Breathe- Chair Massage?

● The founder Marike has 15 years working experience in the Corporate world and has firsthand experience of both the damages of stress and the benefits of Massage. She also understands the challenges that business experience, and her professionalism makes it easy for companies to organise Chair Massage in their offices. Being fluent in Dutch, English, and French means that Marike can easily relate to management and employees from international backgrounds.
● With training in several Massage techniques such as Thai Yoga Massage, Acupressure, Holistic Massage and Reflexology, the Simply Breathe team offer very skilled and tailored massages that focus on alleviating specific areas of tension in the body, usually involving the back, shoulders, neck, arms and head.
● The Simply Breathe team offers regular Chair Massage for offices based in Amsterdam with a minimum slot of three hours, as well as one-off events such as Company Days and Health Fairs.

Corporate chair massage

Happy and healthy employees are the foundation of a healthy and successful organization.

Why offer Chair Massage to your employees?

● Regular massage has a number of health benefits and addresses specific issues that arise in an office environment such as stress, headaches, low immune system, repetitive strain issues and posture.
● A short break from the daily grind and the computer screen has been shown to boost morale, focus and creativity.
● It is very convenient: only a small conference room is required, the Massage Chair is provided, no change of clothes is needed for the employees and it only takes 20 minutes of their time, therefore minimizing the disruption to their workflow.
● It can be tax deductible in the Netherlands. Contact me  for more details.

If you want to see your employees stay happy and healthy, contact us for a quote or to discuss your specific requirements in person!