Healing through massage and movement

Thai Yoga Massage Treatments and Courses in Amsterdam

Healing through massage and movement

Thai Yoga Massage Treatments and Courses in Amsterdam


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Experience the benefits of Traditional Thai Medicine with treatments and massages tailored to your personal needs. Improve your general health and wellbeing or work on healing specific ailments such as back pain, digestion problems, insomnia, headaches, stress and depression. 

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Discover the various Massage techniques that belong to the healing art of Traditional Thai Massage, or become a certified professional Thai Yoga Massage therapist. Empowering, hands-on workshops and trainings are available for all levels including beginners. 

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Private Class

One-on-one sessions are the perfect opportunity to learn at your own pace in a way that suits you. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, you will make fast progress and get closer to your personal goals.

Corporate chair massage

Would you like to boost your employees’ morale and health? Massage is proven to reduce stress, increase serotonin and improve focus. We at Simply Breathe- Chair Massage make it easy for you to offer Massage sessions in the office, and help you keep your employees happy
and healthy!

“Massage is the one thing that has always helped me to connect to myself, slow down and simply breathe. The day I first experienced Thai Yoga Massage, or “Nuad Bo Rarn”, I felt so deeply energized and relaxed, that I knew that I had found the massage technique that I wanted to specialize in. I have since trained in the various forms and levels of this Ancient Healing Art in Amsterdam and Chiang Mai, Thailand. Join me for a treatment, a private class or a workshop and experience the amazing healing benefits of Thai Yoga Massage.”

– Marike Sala